The A4 Paper Trick

This is a cute little mathematical trick I came up with in my 1st year of undergrad. By simply folding a sheet of A4 paper a certain way you can find an upper and lower bound for the square root of two.

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SideChannel (A Game)

I'm working on a point-and-click adventure game with the working title "SideChannel." Its called SideChannel for a reason, the game must be played partly with an SSH client.

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CSC320 Painterly Renderer

This school year I took CSC320: Introduction to Visual Computing. One of our assignments was to make a program that can turn a photograph into a painting. We were given starter code, a paper about painterly rendering, and some mandatory objectives. Outside of that, we were allowed to just "go nuts."

So I went nuts

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I've recently been "getting into" the demoscene. Getting into is in quotes because I live in North America and there are no demoparties within 50 km of me, so all I can do is read old Hugi articles and watch videos from pouet.

In the interest of doing something productive, I decided to make my own demo.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Intro Parody Generator

I forgot why I decided to start working on this.

Basically I'm trying to make a webapp that allows users to edit parts of the NGE intro with their own pictures. This involves completely recreating the intro in HTML5 canvas.

Read more for my progress.

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WebGL Myst Game

I've been working making a Myst III style game in WebGL for a while now. I made one quite a bit ago that takes place in the middle of some clouds, but it stopped working.

To get a look at the game in it's current state, click here

Read more under the cut.

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This is a noise music EP

It's mostly samples of me playing the kalimba, distorted to hell with audaciy. All of the songs are named after things in the short story series BLIT by David Langford.

You can download it here.


SVG Timer

Made a timer app that uses js hooks on embedded SVG. So the app is 100% scalable (in the most literal sense)

Check it out here